Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SQL Server 2005 vs. Oracle 10g -An important introduction

This is something I have decided to do because I thought it is must and obligation on us as a Microsoft society to do.

A month a go, my friends in Microsoft Egypt has asked us to help them in comparing SQL Server 2005 to Oracle 10g as neutral consultants. They asked us to do so transparently, and honestly. This was because of that there was an important regional account who was about to take a decision to oracle 10g. I have accepted the request and began to prepare for this meeting not only as a technician but also as an academic guy. Actually, this makes difference because academic guys evaluate things by a rational and more scientific way, and according to non fuzzy results. I decided that this comparison should be posted to be used by many people who search for such a comparison. Actually, I have found during my work a whitepaper that has been previously published by an Oracle Partner Called WisdomForce.
For people who have read this paper, or may find it and read it later, please take in considerations the following facts:

1-The most recent version of this paper(version 1.2) has been published in November 2004 (when SQL Server was in Beta phase as much as i remember it was in beta2 phase). Based on this, many of the criticism that is done to SQL Server 2005 was done for the beta version that has massively enhanced in final release.

2-As evidence that this paper is not accurate into it is criticism is that it is talking about some SQL Server Obsolete products like DTS!!!!

3-Another evidence that this paper was not talking about SQL Server 2005 that it mentioned clearly that they are talking at specific points about SQL Server 2000, and even 7.0 sometimes!!!! (Why?!)

4-Wisdomforce has promised to launch another updated version later but they haven't up till the time of writing these lines.

Actually if you searched the Web, most probably you will find people talking about this white paper while it is not that accurate. Moreover it doesn't really talks about SQL Server 2005. Instead, it may talk about earlier version of this wonderful product.

According to all of that I decided to post our neutral prepared white paper in a series. For those who are interested to read it all, you can download the .PDF version of it that I will make it available at the end of this series.

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