Sunday, December 02, 2007

What is new in TFS 2008: Fast Facts out of Kevin Killy's TechED Developer 2007 Session

During attending TechEd Developer 2007 as an Expert, I have attended one of Kevin Killy's great sessions (Kevin is the Principle Product Manager for TFS) in which he has talked about the new enhancements that has been taken place inside TFS 2008. I have taken some notes out of his speach as well as his slides that I would like to share it with you about the new Enhancements:

1-TFS 2008 is an evolution on TFS 2005:

  • -Rebuilt Team Build subsystem.
    -Acquired Web Access (TWA).
    -Usability improvements in Version Control and WIT(Work Item Tracking).
    -More configuration options for SQL and Sharepoint.
    -Performance and scalability improvements.
    -2008 clients work with 2005 servers and vice versa .
    -Customer driven license changes:
    anyone in the organization may open and track their own work items
    -A new Internal Connector License enables IT orgs to integrate current systems with TFS.

2- Team Build Enhancements

-Retooled for 2008
-Build definition UI integrated into VS
-Retention Policy
-Target build agents
-Manageable build queues

3-Version Control
-Folder Diff
-Get Latest On Checkout
-Workspace improvements
-Offline improvements
-Extranet support for the TFS Proxy
-Command line help

4- Better Performance and Scalability:

-2008 is 2x faster than 2005
-Any size team, any size project
-Deploying broadly across Microsoft :7k active users, 1,000 projects, 25 TFS instances

5- Roadmap

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