Friday, October 12, 2007

Using TFSAdminUtil Command-line Tool to assign a new TFS Service Account

Team Foundation Server includes several services and service accounts that run on either the data-tier server, or the application-tier server, or both. Your actual services will vary, based on which features of Team Foundation you have installed on your data tier and application-tier servers. For example, if youusesfor a single-server setup, you will have both data-tier and application-tier services that run on the same server.

If you must reset the service account password for the Team Foundation Server, you must change the password for several services on the Team Foundation Server application-tier servers by using the TFSAdminUtil command-line utility. You can also use the TFSAdminUtil command-line utility to determine which services are running under a named account. The following table lists the service names, what service account they use, and what tier these services run on.

To assign a new service account to all Team Foundation Server services :
1-From the command line, locate the TFSAdminUtil utility.
By default, it is located in :\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server\Tools.

Generally: you will find it under the following relative Path:

%programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server\Tools

At the command line, type
TFSAdminUtil ChangeAccount [oldAccount] [newAccount] [newPassword]

and then press ENTER.

You must enter the user name for the old Team Foundation Server service account (oldAccount), in addition to the user name and password for the new account (newAccount and newPassword).
The TFSAdminUtil utility iterates through the services and only changes those that run under the old account.

Important Note:

Before you assign the new account by using TFSAdminUtil Changeaccount command, the account must have the Log on as a service permission on the application-tier server. For more information please read the related article.

If you need to know the full view of Changing TFS Accounts please read my related article

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