Friday, October 03, 2008

Announcement of Visual Studio.NET 2010, and .NET framework 4.0

On 29th of September Microsoft has announced the first CTP of VS.NET code name Rosario under the commercial name of Visual Studio.NET 2010. This version will come along with .NET framework that gives major attention for many new aspects. This includes; Cloud computing which is the real implementation of the S+S (Software + Services), and parallel computing, and multi-touch applications, and Lab Management.

Moreover, it tries to enhance web development experience, code writing, AJAX based applications, and office, and SharePoint Integration, and surely my beloved part; the Team System (I will talk about this in more details at my next coming blogs).

I Invite you to download the CTP and get Impressed as a Coder, Tester, Architect, DB Professional

Download the Factsheet (pdf)

Download the Factsheet (XPS)

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