Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Part of Team System 2010 Feature History

Today, is my first day at TechEd Berlin, 2009. despite of starting two days ago, i couldn’t come earlier due to some work commitments. Actually I decided to come to TechEd this year even if I am late due to My Commitment to the Team System Ask The Expert Booth, and I got my Prize for that once i got in :)

Once I got to the Booth which was the first thing to do once i got to the Event, I met The great Brian Harry again along With Stefanie Saad the TFS Group Program Manager. Stefanie told me that they Kept the MSF Agile Template with a new version (5.0) into the 2010 release of the TFS. She told me that one of the major drivers for this was my continuous efforts of convincing the product team that MSF agile Template is a crucial part for lots of companies.

This means that my efforts has succeeded to keep MSF Agile Template, and now i am part of the history of this release Which is really something i will be proud of always.

Actually, 12 months ago, the product team was thinking of removing this template from the TFS but, I tried to work hard and keep the communication always opened trying to convince them that this is a very harmful action to the Team System.

Because of the fact that Microsoft is a customer Oriented SW producer, they heard my concern with passion finally, decided to keep it based on lengthy exercise that made them sure of my Opinion. Everyday i work with Microsoft people I became more sure that the voice of customer and the benefit of customer is the major concern at all Microsoft Decision that always driven by voices of the Market. Thank you Brian, thank you Stefanie, Thank you Team System, and Thank you Microsoft :)

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