Friday, October 23, 2009

TFS 2010 Beta2 Available now

Microsoft has just announced the availability of Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 along with the Ultimate, Premium and Professional editions of Visual Studio 2010.

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These are some fast questions that have been answered by Hakan Eskici about the new release:

Where is Web Access?

Web Access is integrated into Team Foundation Server and gets installed by default when you install Team Foundation Server.

On a default configuration, Web Access is available at:

Where is Work Item Only View (previously known as WIWA)?

WIOV now shares the same URL with full Web Access:

There is a new permission to control access to full Web Access features. Anyone in the “Work Item Only View Users” group will have that permission denied, therefore they will see the Work Item Only View. Others will see full Web Access.

How can I install Web Access separately on its own server?

The recommended way is to install a “Application Tier Only” instance of TFS by pointing it to the same TFS database and using that instance just for Web Access. For example:

  • Server1: End users connect to this server from Team Explorer (Web Access is available but not used)
  • Server2: Web Access users connect to this server from a Web browser (TFS Application Tier is available but not used)

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