Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Exam 70-535 (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions) - Azure Compute Infrastructure Sub-topics

These are the sub-topics that you have to cover in the Azure Compute Infrastructure

topic of Exam 70-535 (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions). This sub-topic should cover 10- 15% of the exam. For the complete list of the seven topics, please refer to the first post of this series :
      Design solutions using virtual machines
      Design VM deployments by leveraging availability sets, fault domains, and update domains in Azure; use web app for containers; design VM Scale Sets; design for compute-intensive tasks using Azure Batch; define a migration strategy from cloud services; recommend use of Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery
      Design solutions for serverless computing
      Use Azure Functions to implement event-driven actions; design for serverless computing using Azure Container Instances; design application solutions by using Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, or both; determine when to use API management service
      Design microservices-based solutions  
      Determine when a container-based solution is appropriate; determine when container-orchestration is appropriate; determine when Azure Service Fabric (ASF) is appropriate; determine when Azure Functions is appropriate; determine when to use API management service; determine when Web API is appropriate; determine which platform is appropriate for container orchestration; consider migrating existing assets versus cloud native deployment; design lifecycle management strategies
      Design web applications
      Design Azure App Service Web Apps; design custom web API; secure Web API; design Web Apps for scalability and performance; design for high availability using Azure Web Apps in multiple regions; determine which App service plan to use; design Web Apps for business continuity; determine when to use Azure App Service Environment (ASE); design for API apps; determine when to use API management service; determine when to use Web Apps on Linux; determine when to use a CDN; determine when to use a cache, including Azure Redis cache
      Create compute-intensive application
      Design high-performance computing (HPC) and other compute-intensive applications using Azure Services; determine when to use Azure Batch; design stateless components to accommodate scale; design lifecycle strategy for Azure Batch

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