Sunday, September 05, 2010

Great Moves in Visual Studio 2010 Team System Licensing, as usual….for the benefit of the customer 1/3


During the Last 6 Months, Microsoft has released great bulk of ALM Products. This is normal, expected and old news…

I know :)

But during these releases, one shared thing has to be noticed by the customers, which is, How do Microsoft tries to regroup products for the benefit of the customer with a target of less expensive offer with More productive solutions. We can see that at the following points:

1- Integrating DB Professional Features into the Developer Features:

         - On Feb 2007 Microsoft has released the DB professional Edition. During this time there was a free Add-On for the Super Mega Suite of Team System which was Team Suite. Every other single user for VSTS had to pay for that as separate version.

         -On November 2008, Microsoft has released the DB professional as part of the Team System 2008 Editions.


since this date, Lots of MVPs, Customers, and Partners called for availing these great tools with less expensive schema and easier licensing way.

on March 2010, Microsoft Launched VSTS 2010 and included the DB Professional features as part of the Dev Tools.


To be Continued….

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