Thursday, September 09, 2010

Great Moves in Visual Studio 2010 Team System Licensing, as usual….for the benefit of the customer 2/3


2- TFS Inclusion in all MSDN Subscriptions

"We focus on one end of the spectrum on our large enterprise customers where we offer a rich set of features, integration with other source code integration, back-end management tools, portfolio [tools and more], but our biggest vision at Microsoft is to bring the benefits of ALM to all developers," says Sean McBreen, senior director for Visual Studio and MSDN product management at Microsoft. "In this release we did a lot of things to help bring ALM to the masses. We reduced the price, we included TFS in all of our MSDN subscriptions and we've really focused on simplifying the experience as well."

Early on, those moves seem to be paying off. "It used to be reasonably hard to get, very expensive and reasonably hard to deploy as well," says Ben Day, a Visual Studio ALM MVP and head of Benjamin Day Consulting Inc. "Now that they've made the deployment a lot easier, the licensing is $500 retail and TFS comes with just about every MSDN license that's out there. So Microsoft is trying to make it so that no one has an excuse to go to Subversion or Git or any of those other free open source version control systems.

Since that has changed, I personally see a lot more people who are interested in moving to TFS off of Visual SourceSafe."

"TFS is ultimately going to replace Visual SourceSafe," agrees Gousset. "The fact is, TFS can be used whether you've got one person or whether you've got a shop of 3,000 or 30,000 people."


To be Continued Later……

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