Sunday, June 18, 2006

WinFx name has changed to be .NET Framework 3.0

It's official: Windows Communications Framework (Indigo) + Windows Presentation Framework (Avalon) + Windows Workflow Foundation (WinOE) + InfoCard (now known as Windows Cardspace) = .Net Framework 3.0. If you want a shorthand way of describing .Net Framework 3.0, it's the new Windows programming model that commences with Windows Vista.
On June 9, company officials disclosed the latest name change.
Microsoft has decided to avoid any confusion in the naming scheme for its core developer technology and is renaming it in an effort to better reflect the direction the company is pursuing.

Microsoft is making a move to rename WinFX to the .Net Framework 3.0.
WinFX is a programming model for Vista and is the follow-on to Microsoft's Win32 technology.
.Net Framework 3.0 consists of the .Net Framework 2.0, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), WF (Windows Workflow), and InfoCard—now known as WCS (Windows CardSpace) as part of the renaming scheme.

According to the Microsoft Internal news, Windows Vista will be released for public users next January (Jan 2007) while being availalble for Enterprise accounts as early as October 2006.

Most of the Microsoft developers community is amazed from the WinFX new name (.NET Framework 3.0). They see that it was not an appropriate strategic move from Microsoft to launch two major versions of .NET framework in less than one year.

In contrast, I think it is a perfect move from Microsoft that shows how much this team has a very good plans.

I will talk about this very soon here but not now, as I should go to prepare for my Tomorrow Session (What is new in Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0) that will be held at Microsoft Egypt at 9:00 am.

Anyways, people who will attend will hear my comment about the rebranding issuee Live :)

see you later