Sunday, May 25, 2008

VSTS and Other Technologies: great future is waiting them together

During the Last Weeks I have spent notable time in studying the booming REST Architecture. Actually I think that there is increasingly booming interest about this architecture that has been first proposed in 2001.

What made me interested to deep dive into was the new support that has been introduced inside the WCF 3.5 for it.

Before that, I have spent another notable time in studying the Open XML standard during the fierce battle of ISO voting.

Today, I have a belief that combining them together can help VSTS to have new day over other platforms specially Linux (when using something like the Teamprise Plug-in for Eclipse).

1- If the MSF template documents could be availed in Open XML format, this will help in using it on Linux using one of the Open Source Linux based OXML editors.
2- Availing the TFS interface through RESTful web service may simplify the process of extending the VSTS especially for clients that works over Linux and non-windows platforms.
I think that I will try to explain the RESTful architecture at the next coming weeks.