Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Microsoft reveals Screenshots of VS 11 Beta for Windows 8 Apps Development experience

Earlier today, Microsoft published some screenshots of the Visual Studio 11 Beta as part of a blog post about the Windows store. The screenshots include elements of the new user interface for Visual Studio 11. The screenshots are only a small part of the new UI in the Visual Studio 11 Beta.

the team is looking forward to sharing the new UI features in much more detail over the next couple of weeks, and hearing your feedback. IF have this channel of reporting any possible feedback, if you have any please leave it to me so, i can filter them, consolidate them, and finally communicate them to the team in Seattle.

Design goals

Because we wanted to focus our engineering efforts on the problems that were going to impact the most developers the most frequently, some of the key goals we picked were:

  • Encourage developers to visit the Store developer portal before they start coding
  • Help developers comply with the Store technical requirements
  • Reduce concepts and repetition by pulling information directly from the app package


VS11 UI  -1

VS11 UI  -2

VS11 UI  -3

VS11 UI  -4 

VS11 UI  -5

VS11 UI  -6

VS11 UI  -7

VS11 UI  -8

VS11 UI  -9

Don’t forget to send me any feedback….

Enjoy it ;)

Apps – your apps – are the heart of the Windows Store. When we set out to design the app submission experience, we wanted developers to be able to get their apps into the Store as easily and quickly as possible. We thought a lot about reducing friction, inspiring confidence through transparency, and bringing predictability and consistency to the app submission process.

This post, authored by Jonathan Garrigues, a Program Manager on the Developer Experience team, describes the Store app submission experience.

--Antoine Leblond